H A P P Y   H O U R S

4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

$4 All Well Drinks
$5 All Tap Beers
$5 House Red or White Wine

H A P P Y   H O U R   F O O D
$10 Charcuterie Board
$7 Grilled Cheese
$7 Chief Niwot
$4 Navajo Fry Bread
$4 Rabbit Dates
$3 Baked Avocado

S A L O O N   F A V O R I T E S

L E A D   B E L L Y   B I S C U I T . 10
Pork belly. Spicy aioli. Mustard greens. Pepper gravy.
Topped with a fried egg. Maple syrup.

B I T Z   'N   G R I T S . 4 Make your own:
Cajun shrimp. Andouille sausage. Pork belly . 3/ea
Rosemary red wine lamb. Roast turkey. TVP. 2/ea
Mushrooms. Avocado. Sundried tomato. Poblano . 1/ea
Cheese:?Goat . 3/ea Boursin . 2/ea Farmer's . 1/ea

N A V A J O   F R Y   B R E A D
Pick One:
H O U S E   C U R E D   T R O U T . 6
Pickled cabbage. Avocado salsa. Fried capers. Queso fresco.
A S I A N   D U C K . 6
Black garlic aioli. Plum sauce. Coconut slaw. Ginger.
P O R T O B E L L O   M U S H R O O M . 4
Pickled cabbage. Avocado salsa. Fried capers. Queso fresco.
Traditional Navajo fry bread recipe made in-house.

R A B B I T   D A T E   F L A T B R E A D . 10
Braised Rabbit. Basil.
Braised rabbit. Dried cherries. Basil. Sheep's cheese.
Tomato chutney. Balsamic vinaigrette. Pine oil crust.

B A K E D   A V O C A D O . 5
Hot sauce. Lime. Pecorino and Jack cheese.

*Vegan Option: Substitute Cashew Cheese for Parmesan.

F O R K   A N D   K N I F E   S L I D E R S . 6
Pick One:
Homestyle Roasted Turkey
Balsamic Mushroom
Tumeric gravy. Cranberry stuffing. Blueberry compote.

B A K E D   B R I E . 8
Baked brie wrapped in puff pastry.
Half blueberry and half peach jalapeno jam. Croutons.

G O L D M I N E R ' S   C H I L I   C H E E S E   T O T S . 8
Blackeyed Bison Chili.
Served with Pine Sour Cream & a Golden Garlic Core.
Served with a Chile Pepper Pancake.

M A C   ' N   C H E E S E . 6
Vegan. Cashew Cheese. Pasta. Catsup Crisps.

V E G A N   R A T A T O U I L L E . 1 2
Winter Squash. Zuchinni.
Stewed in a Cardamom Tomato Sauce.
Service in a Portobello Mushroom Cap.

C H A R C U T E R I E   B O A R D . 15
Blue vein. Lemon Wensleydale. Gin Mozzarella Caprese.
Black Truffle Sea Salt Sausage. House Proscuitto. Cappicola.

Served with our three house jams:
Pear Brandy Onion. Aztec Chocolate Blueberry. Black Cherry Basil.

G R I L L E D   C H E E S E . 7
4 Cheese: Brie. Cheddar. Jack. Ricotta.
Cherry Basil Jam. Sourdough.

C H I E F   N I W O T. 8
House Made Bacon. Tomato Chutney.
Roasted Poblano Pepper. Garlic Emulsion. Sourdough.

S & S

S W E E T    A N D    H E A T    G R E E N   C H I L E . 7
A Colorado-style Green Chile
Pork Belly. Japanese Serrano Funnel Cake. Pine Sour Cream.

C A M P   W E L D   F I E L D   G R E E N S . 8
Spring Foliage Greens. Fried Chicken Skin.
Strawberries. Blue Cheese. Pine Nuts.
Spicy Avocado Vinaigrette.


W H I S K E Y   C A R D A M O M   B A K E D   P E A R . 7
Walnuts. Carmel. Wrapped in pastry dough. Ginger whip.

V E G A N   S T R A W B E R R Y   S H O R T C A K E . 7
Gluten-free star anise shortbread.
Macerated strawberries. Aquafaba balsamic whip.

D E A T H   B Y   C H O C O L A T E   J A R . 7
Walnut brownie. Chocolate mousse. Carmel-chocolate caviar. Chocolate straw.

* Everything is handmade, in-house. If we're running a little slow, that's why.
If we're out of something, we are making more, right now.